Farzad Farhad, an Afghan Graduate Starts Business in China

Afghan graduate starts business in China


Farzad Farhad from Afghanistan, decided to stay and start his business in China after graduating from a university in Taiyuan, China

He added that China’s fight against the COVID-19 pandemic further firmed his decision to pursue Chinese opportunities.

Farzad Farhad created an e-commerce platform that introduces the products of small microelectronic enterprises along the eastern coast of China to overseas consumers.

To find products with marketing potential, Farzad Farhad often travels to various cities in China, and this experience has also reversed his misunderstanding about China since he was a child.

To help customers better understand the products’ functions and advantages, Farzad Farhad and his team attach demonstration videos for each product on the platform.

From the Editor: It is a good way for foreign students after graduation. You can work in China, you can start your own business in China.

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